AiMediQ "MediQ" - When Every Second Counts 

In the blink of an eye, lives can hang in the balance. AiMediQ MediQ is your lifeline in those critical moments, empowering first responders to deliver precise, life-saving ACLS care in pre-hospital environments.

Compact, intelligent, and built for action, MediQ is more than just a device. It's a revolution in pre-hospital emergency care, bridging the gap between critical seconds and optimal outcomes.  The MediQ is a state-of-the-art emergency response system designed to augment the capabilities of first responders through advanced artificial intelligence and comprehensive medical device integration. It uniquely combines real-time medical consultation and procedure guidance with unparalleled data collection and analysis capabilities, making every response a learning opportunity for the AI, and in turn, enhancing future medical responses.

Why It Matters


Rising Demand: The need for advanced pre-hospital care is soaring, fueled by an aging population and complex medical emergencies. AiMediQ MediQ rises to meet this challenge, equipping responders with the tools they need to make every second count.


Unmatched ACLS Support: Experience a new level of preparedness with:

Real-time Vital Sign Monitoring: Stay informed with continuous data visualization, ensuring informed decisions in critical moments.


Onboard Diagnostics: Perform essential checks like ECG, pulse oximetry, and blood pressure measurements, right at the scene.


Secure Communication: Seamlessly connect with hospitals and specialists for swift consultation and transfer.

Rugged and Portable: Built for the harshest conditions, MediQ thrives in ambulances, helicopters, and challenging environments. Operational Capabilities


Emergency Response: Tailored for use by individuals with varying levels of medical training, the MediQ’s step-by-step guidance is supported by a comprehensive data collection framework, ensuring that each emergency response enriches the system’s knowledge base.


AiMediQ Headquarters (HQ): Maintains a real-time data link with the AiMediQ HQ for immediate oversight, instructions, and data analysis, enhancing the quality of care and the AI’s learning process.


Data Collection and Analysis: A pivotal feature of the MediQ, its ability to collect critical data on AI-human interactions, device effectiveness, and medical outcomes, provides invaluable insights for the evolution of emergency medical care and AI technology.


Future Developments


AI Crash Cart: The future vision includes transforming the MediQ into a fully autonomous robotic treatment system, with each iteration designed to collect and utilize data more effectively, driving advancements in AI and robotic-assisted care.


Deployment Enhancements: Plans for drone deployment and advanced people extraction technologies not only aim to expand the MediQ’s reach but also to gather unique data sets on emergency response logistics, efficiency, and patient outcomes.

Data-Driven Advantage


Continuous Improvement: Like AiMediQ's DataSyteAiCLS, MediQ gathers valuable data on ACLS procedures, fueling data-backed decisions and ongoing innovation. This data is your window into optimizing response protocols and maximizing impact.


Scalability and Accessibility: The compact, modular design adapts to diverse settings, from large ambulance fleets to small first-responder vehicles, ensuring broader healthcare accessibility.  Design and Portability


Dimensions: Crafted to be slightly larger than a standard hiking backpack, ensuring all necessary medical equipment can be carried without compromising mobility.


Weight: Balanced for ease of movement during emergency interventions.


Visibility: Designed with high-visibility materials for easy identification in critical scenarios.


Wearability: Ergonomically structured for rapid donning, enabling responders to execute life-saving procedures efficiently.


User Interaction and Data Collection


Initialization: Clearly marked for immediate engagement, the system initiates a diagnostic to assess the responder’s experience level, adapting its guidance while collecting initial data for continuous learning.


Interface: The inclusion of a headset and AR glasses provides auditory and visual instructions, enhanced by data collection through built-in cameras, monitors, and scanners on MediQ for a comprehensive assessment of both patient and responder, feeding valuable information back to the AI for real-time and post-event analysis.


Medical Equipment and Features


Medical Devices: Equipped with a wide range of life-saving tools, including defibrillators and oxygen supplies. Each device is integrated with LED indicators for quick identification, designed to collect usage data for analysis and optimization.


Medications: Medications are stored in secured, LED-illuminated compartments, ensuring easy access while tracking usage patterns for inventory and effectiveness analysis.


AI Integration: The core of the MediQ’s capability lies in its AI system, which not only provides diagnosis and procedural guidance but also collects and analyzes every interaction, device usage, and medical outcome for continuous improvement of medical protocols and AI responses. Product Description


The MediQ is at the vanguard of emergency medical response, integrating cutting-edge AI with a full complement of medical equipment to guide first responders through critical interventions. Its design emphasizes not just the delivery of immediate care but also the systematic collection and analysis of data from every use. This data-driven approach enables continuous refinement of medical protocols, enhances the AI’s diagnostic and procedural recommendations, and ultimately leads to improved outcomes for patients.


With every deployment, the MediQ collects valuable information, enriching a knowledge base that spans across countless medical interventions. This ongoing accumulation of real-world data ensures that the MediQ is always learning, always improving, and always ready to provide the most effective guidance possible.


As PathFree looks to the future, the MediQ represents more than a revolutionary medical device; it stands as a beacon of innovation in the intersection of healthcare and technology. With its data collection and analysis capabilities at the forefront, PathFree is poised to redefine emergency medical care, promising not only to save lives today but to continuously improve the ways we save lives tomorrow, driving the company’s unparalleled technological advancement and the unmatched potential of AI-driven medical care. 

MediQ Specification & Detailed Components


Onboard Medications and Uses


The MediQ is equipped with a carefully selected array of medications, each chosen for its critical role in emergency care:


Aspirin Tablets (81 mg): Used for its antiplatelet properties to treat chest pain and prevent heart attacks.


Nitroglycerin Spray/Sublingual Tablets (0.4 mg): Administered for acute relief of angina or chest pain.


Dextrose 50% (for infants) and 25%: Provides rapid energy and treats hypoglycemia.


Narcan (Naloxone) 1mg/ml: Reverses opioid overdose effects.


Epinephrine 1:10,000 (Auto-injection): Critical for treating anaphylactic reactions.


Atropine Sulphate (1 mg): Used in the management of bradycardia (slow heart rate).


Amiodarone (150 mg vials): Treats and prevents various types of serious irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias).


EpiPen/EpiPen Jr (Epinephrine 1:100): Treats severe allergic reactions.


Solumedrol (Methylprednisolone) (125 mg): A corticosteroid used to treat inflammatory conditions.


Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) (50 mg vial): Addresses allergic reactions and anaphylaxis.


Adenosine (6 mg): Manages certain types of supraventricular tachycardia.


Lopressor (Metoprolol) (10 mg): Treats high blood pressure and prevents chest pain.


Cardizem (Diltiazem) (20 mg vial): Used for heart rhythm problems and high blood pressure.


Pronestyl (Procainamide) (1 g): Treats serious irregular heartbeats.


Lidocaine (100 mg): Acts as a local anesthetic and treats certain types of irregular heartbeats.


Medical Equipment and Features


The MediQ's medical equipment arsenal is designed for versatility and efficacy in emergency situations:


Defibrillator with Infant and Adult Paddles: Provides electrical shock to restore normal heart rhythm during cardiac arrest.


Ambu Bags (Infant, Child, Adult) with Size 3 & 4 Face Masks: Manual devices used for assisted breathing.


Oxygen Tube Connectors and Mini Oxygen Tank: Supplies oxygen to patients in respiratory distress.


CPR Backboard: Provides a firm surface to perform CPR.


Laminated Broselow Pediatric Tape: Guides medication dosages and equipment sizes based on the child’s length and weight.


McGill Forceps (Large and Small): Used for clearing airway obstructions.


Laryngoscope and Endotracheal Tubes: Assists in intubation to secure the airway.


Nasal Cannula: Delivers supplemental oxygen.


IV Start Packs with Normal Saline Solution (1000ml bags) and IV Tubing: Essential for fluid therapy and medication administration.


Angiocaths (Various Sizes): Catheters used for intravenous access.


10 ml Normal Saline Flush Syringes: Used to clear intravenous lines.


Gauze, Alcohol Preps: Basic wound care and preparation for injections.

Data Collection and Analysis


Each medication and piece of equipment in the MediQ is integrated with sensors and tracking mechanisms. This system not only ensures the correct usage of medical supplies but also collects data on their application and effectiveness in various emergency scenarios. This ongoing data collection feeds into the MediQ's knowledge base, enabling real-time analysis and post-mission learning to improve medical response strategies and outcomes.


Product Enhancement


The AiMediQ MediQ Life Suit is a comprehensive, data-driven emergency response system that combines the precision of AI with the practicality of a fully stocked medical kit. By detailing the specific medications and medical equipment included in the MediQ, along with their intended uses, the specification list underscores the system's preparedness for a broad spectrum of medical emergencies. The embedded data collection capabilities within each component enrich the AI's learning, ensuring that the MediQ not only responds to emergencies with current best practices but also adapts and evolves to incorporate new medical insights and outcomes. This blend of technology, medical science, and data analytics positions the MediQ as a groundbreaking tool in emergency healthcare, promising to revolutionize patient care with each deployment.

Investing in Lives:


Investing in AiMediQ MediQ isn't just about technology; it's about investing in lives. This device holds the potential to:


Save Lives: By optimizing ACLS efficiency, MediQ directly impacts patient survival rates, offering hope where seconds truly matter.


Empower First Responders: Equip your medical teams with the confidence and tools they need to make informed decisions and perform at their best in critical situations.


Optimize Resource Allocation: Data-driven insights guide strategic resource allocation, ensuring efficiency and maximizing impact within healthcare systems.

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